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Six Nations (RBS 6 Nations) Rugby 2017 Live On The Internet

Away From Home? Make Sure You Can Watch All The Matches On The BBC & ITV

The Six Nations Rugby tournament is probably the second biggest Rugby competition after the Rugby World Cup (although I'm sure anybody south of the equator would argue the toss over this!) Played between northern hemisphere national teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. The 6 Nations was previously known as the 5 Nations (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France) and originally as the Home Nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) starting way back in 1883.

Involving some of the oldest grudge matches in Rugby the 6 Nations seems to thrive on exciting, physical Rugby. As well as the 6 Nations title itself there are also several smaller prizes played during the course of the Six Nations the most famous of which being the Calcutta Cup played between England and Scotland.

The 2016 Six Nations ended with a glorious Grand Slam for England and Eddie Jones, a result they seem to have used as a spring board playing some great rugby during the Autumn Internationals and taking it to the southern hemisphere teams. However there was a slight niggling doubt that perhaps it was achieved because Wales and Ireland struggled to get their games together with Wales the pre-tournament favourites for many only really igniting in their last game of the tournament. But enough history, on to this years Six Nations and the general consensus among the experts is that England are the team to beat but they should expect a much stiffer test this time around. Scotland are playing some of their best rugby in years and have been unfortunate on several occasions to not get even better results, Wales and Ireland look a little more like their old selves and the French are ....just the French. Anybody who wants to predict how they are going to play is a braver person than me! No matter what the Six Nations is my favourite sporting tournament of every year so all that is left to do is chill the Guinness, put your feet up and get ready for the action.

When it comes to watching your 6 Nations rugby live on the internet the BBC have lost exclusive rights to the tournament in the UK and are now sharing it with ITV. The good news is that both channels are free to air as long as your are in the UK. Both the BBC and ITV provide high quality streamed content (Ever wish that that you had a UK Internet Connection?). You can find out more details on the BBC's 6 Nations Coverage by following the link. The Six Nations has a huge following all over the world, especially in the southern hemisphere (maybe they admire our kicking game in secret) so there will no doubt be countless other places online showing the Six Nations matches live. Check out the live sports schedule on the day of games.

Six Nations 2017 Ticket Availability

Six Nations 2017 Schedule

Sat 4th Feb 14:25 - Scotland 27 - 22 Ireland (BBC)
Sat 4th Feb 16:50 - England 19 - 16 France (ITV)
Sun 5th Feb 14:00 - Italy 7 - 33 Wales (ITV)
Sat 11th Feb 14:25 - Italy 10 - 63 Ireland (ITV)
Sat 11th Feb 16:50 - Wales 16 - 21 England (BBC)
Sun 12th Feb 15:00 - France 22 - 16 Scotland (BBC)
Sat 25th Feb 14:25 - Scotland 29 - 13 Wales (BBC)
Sat 25th Feb 16:50 - Ireland 10 - 9 France (ITV)
Sun 26th Feb 15:00 - England 36 - 15 Italy (ITV)
Fri 10th Mar 20:05 - Wales 22 - 9 Ireland (BBC)
Sat 11th Mar 13:30 - Italy 18 - 40 France (ITV)
Sat 11th Mar 16:00 - England 61 - 21 Scotland (ITV)
Sat 18th Mar 12:30 - Scotland 29 - 0 Italy (BBC)
Sat 18th Mar 14:25 - France 20 - 18 Wales (ITV)
Sat 18th Mar 17:00 - Ireland 13 - 9 England (ITV)

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2017 Six Nations Roundup

Six Nations 2017 Week 1 Round-Up

Game of the week? Easy, Scotland vs Ireland in the Six Nations opener! Scotland got of to an absolute flyer in the first half but as they looked to tire from early in the second and the Irish pegged then back it was all set for the type of disapointment that the Scottish have gotten used to. Except something happened that doesn't happen very often at elite level sport, Scotland regained the momentum and took the lead again, holding on for a first Six Nations win over the Irish in a long time. Elsewhere the complacancy many English fans were worried about seemed to materialise and they were extremely lucky to get away with a 3 point victory over a French team that was very much old school French. The final game of the weekend saw Wales run out a pretty standard victory over the Italians in the second half having been given a scare in the first. Before the Six Nations started a lot of people were saying that the Ireland England game in the last weekend was likely to be the decider, perhaps not anymore?

Scotland vs Ireland 2017 Six Nations Highlights

England vs France 2017 Six Nations Highlights

Italy vs Wales 2017 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2017 Week 2 Round-Up

Another brilliant weekend of Six Nations rugby, 2 titanic games that could have gone either way and one game that brought in to question the idea of opening up the possibility of "relegation" from the Six Nations? After Italy ran out of steam against Wales they were expected to put up strong resistance at home to Ireland, alas it never happened and they were destroyed with Ireland running in 9 tries in the process. Italy now have a trip to Twickenham to look forward to! The other games were much closer, Wales were brilliant for 75 minutes of their game against England but just couldn't hold on. It was a storming game to watch where the dominance switched from one team to the other. That result puts England on a record making 16 match winning run with Italy to come next. The final match of the weekend saw France follow up their good performance against England with a win over a Scottish team that had shocked Ireland in the first week. Scotland were ravaged with head injuries during the game and it shows how far they have come in that it took 2 late penalties by the French to finally settle the match.

Italy vs Ireland 2017 Six Nations Highlights

Wales vs England 2017 Six Nations Highlights

France vs Scotland 2017 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2017 Week 3 Round-Up

Scotland tank Wales, Ireland build on their demolition of Italy to beat France and England beat Italy in an unconvincing performance to make it 10 wins in a row and equal the Six Nations record.

Scotland vs Wales 2017 Six Nations Highlights

Ireland vs France 2017 Six Nations Highlights

England vs Italy 2017 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2017 Week 4 Round-Up

Wales played a stormer to beat Ireland and give England the chance to secure back to back Six Nations titles which they duly did in a commanding performance against Scotland. For the first time in this years tournament every element of the English game ticked in to place giving them a record breaking 11th straight victory in the tournament. In the other game France followed through on a routine victory over Italy which prompted yet more questions about Italy's status in the Six Nations.

Wales vs Ireland 2017 Six Nations Highlights

Italy vs France 2017 Six Nations Highlights

England vs Scotland 2017 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2017 Week 5 Round-Up

Now that is how you sign out of a Six Nations tournament! With nothing more than second place to play for the last two games were two of the closest of the entire tournament, with France and Wales breaking the record for the longest game, it took a whole extra 20 minutes until France finally snatched the win from a visibly shocked Welsh. That just left the Irish to upset the English in what was a hugely tense and close game, the 13 to 9 scoreline a fair reflection of went down on the pitch, so close to St Patricks day it just had to be! No record wins for the English, no back to back grand slams, the Irish delighted although it has to be said as a neutral it's hard to understand WHY the English fans are so hated yet the Irish loved? You couldn't slip a piece of paper in the gap between the levels of arrogance of both sets of fans (certainly where I was watching) so it's a bit of a mystery?

Scotland vs Italy 2017 Six Nations Highlights

France vs Wales 2017 Six Nations Highlights

ame> Ireland vs England 2017 Six Nations Highlights

2016 Six Nations Roundup

Six Nations 2016 Week 1 Round-up

There is one golden rule in TV, if you need a pundit to tell you how exciting something is then there is every chance it's just not that exciting. This was very true of the first week of the 2016 Six Nations. Those of us hoping for a Northern Hemisphere backlash into exciting rugby after the World Cup shambles were left a little disapointed. Of course there were some highlights, Italy very nearly turning over France away from home and a very rare draw in the Ireland vs Wales game but at the end of the day the first weekend was definitely a slow burner. At this stage the teams have more to lose than to win so hopefully next week things will pick up and we'll see a little more running with the ball.

France vs Italy 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Scotland vs England 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Ireland vs Wales 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2016 Week 2 Round-up

Week 2 and things started to heat up a bit. Despite a lack of free flowing rugby the French, Irish slug match resulted in a very close game with France just edging it depsite falling 6 points behind twice. Two first half injuries have cost Ireland any chance of winning the Six Nations having only 1 point from their first 2 games. France meanwhile are two for two, but far from convincing. The Wales vs Scotland game was far more entertaining, an early try for Wales seeming to get things going, matched by a try from Scotland within 15 minutes. What followed was a see-saw affair before Scotland just seemed to run out of steam towards the end. The last game of the weekend looked like it might produce an upset with Italy taking an early lead but once England got ahead it was virtually one way traffic scoring some nice trys in the process.

France vs Ireland 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Wales vs Scotland 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Italy vs England 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2016 Week 3 Round-up

Week 3 and the reason why Wales were strong favourites before this years Six Nations started finally comes to the fore. It also proved just how random the French team but the end result was that next weeks game between Wales and England is very likely to be a tournament decider. In the other games Scotland finally got a well deserved Six Nations win coming out comfortable winners against an unusually lack lustre Italian team who normally play much better at home. The final game of the weekend saw England power past Ireland in what was a very close game until a couple of quick tries settled the game in the second half.

Wales vs France 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Italy vs Scotland 2016 Six Nations Highlights

England vs Ireland 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2016 Week 4 Round-up

Week 4 and it's all over, I don't think anybody saw that coming! In what is a polar opposite to last years last round nerves this years tournament has been sewn up early. A dominant first half performance by England over Wales was enough to take them clear at the top of the table and with only France standing a chance of stopping them, their defeat to Scotland on Sunday was enough to hand England the Six Nations trophy. All that is left now is to see if they can complete the Grand Slam when the play France in Paris in their last game.

Ireland vs Italy 2016 Six Nations Highlights

England vs Wales 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Scotland vs France 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2016 Week 5 Round-up

England secure a first Grand Slam since 2003, Scotland continue to impress but lose narrowly away to Ireland and Wales produce the most one sided contest of the whole Six Nations by demolishing a lack lustre Italy on Welsh soil. Overall then English fans will be delighted with how the 2016 Six Nations went but I feel for the neutral who will feel a bit let down after the drama of the 2015 tournament.

Wales vs Italy 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Ireland vs Scotland 2016 Six Nations Highlights

France vs England 2016 Six Nations Highlights

Six Nations 2016 Results

Sat 6th Feb 14:25 - France 23 - 21 Italy (BBC)
Sat 6th Feb 16:50 - Scotland 9 - 15 England (BBC)
Sun 7th Feb 15:00 - Ireland 16 - 16 Wales (ITV)
Sat 13th Feb 14:25 - France 10 - 9 Ireland (BBC)
Sat 13th Feb 16:50 - Wales 27 - 23 Scotland (BBC)
Sun 14th Feb 14:00 - Italy 9 - 40 England (ITV)
Fri 26th Feb 20:05 - Wales 19 - 10 France (BBC)
Sat 27th Feb 14:25 - Italy 20 - 36 Scotland (ITV)
Sat 27th Feb 16:50 - England 21 - 10 Ireland (ITV)
Sat 12th Mar 13:30 - Ireland 58 - 15 Italy (ITV)
Sat 12th Mar 16:00 - England 25 - 21 Wales (ITV)
Sun 13th Mar 15:00 - Scotland 29 - 18 France (BBC)
Sat 19th Mar 14:30 - Wales 67 - 14 Italy (BBC)
Sat 19th Mar 17:00 - Ireland 35 - 25 Scotland (ITV)
Sat 19th Mar 20:00 - France 21 - 31 England (BBC)

For previous tournaments please check out the Six Nations Archives page, where you can find all the results and highlights.


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